Holiday support of Oregon Food Bank

Thursday, December 27, 2018 morning members gathered for a two hour slot of fun at the Oregon Food Bank to help end hunger.  Together with several other groups, mostly from local schools, we packaged two types of cereal into small packages for further distribution.  It was lots of fun!  Come join us as we support this cause again in 2019 or volunteer yourself again by visiting 

2019/2020 Journeys

July 23-30, 2019 Incoming International from Austria

Sept 12-18, 2019 Incoming Domestic from Oklahoma

Oct 2019 Outgoing Domestic to Wichita, Kansas

Nov 2019 Outgoing Domestic to The Villages, Florida

Sept 2020 Incoming International from Mt. Barker, Australia

2019 Officers

Your 2019 new FFCC board officers are:

Georgia Buckler, President

Debra Othman, Vice President and President-Elect

Gwen White, Secretary

Bill Gregory, Treasurer

Georgia Bailey, Member at Large

Gayle Jimenez, Member at Large

Gwen White, Past President

Taste Travelers

FFCC members, potential members, and past members join together to share a meal.  We do this nearly once a month and we call this activity TASTE TRAVELERS!  It is your opportunity to share a meal, camaraderie, friendship, conversation and get to know others.  Take a look at our calendar for dates, times, and places.  Or contact any member to learn more about this fun activity.  Mary Dickson is our Activities Chairperson and she is always open to ideas of restaurants, cafes, or your favorite meeting place.

2016 Annual Meeting November 12, 2016

FFCC held elections at the recent annual meeting and heard presentations about the Indonesian and Dallas Texas exchanges including pictures and personally handling some souvenirs from the adventures. New officers were elected: Gwen White as President, MaryLu Wilson as Vice President, Marguerite Morin as Secretary, and Lori Reynolds as Treasurer. Congratulations to the club for the successful recruitment of 16 new members during the 2016 calendar year!

Ambassadors return from Dallas Texas exchange October 22, 2016

Welcome back home to our team of travelers who spent a week in Havana, Cuba, then spent a week being hosted in Dallas Texas by their friendship force club.  Highlights included a cattle drive down a street in Fort Worth; eating barbeque at Riscky’s Restaurant; taking a seat in the president’s oval office chair at the George W. & Laura Bush Library; remembered where we were on the day of the JFK assassination while perusing the museum and walking the grassy knoll; walking the art district of downtown Dallas;  touring the Top o’ Hill Terrace where we learned about the bootlegging prohibition era exploits; wondered the huge Texas State Fair to find the perfect fried food; and enjoyed a hot afternoon stroll in the shade at the Dallas Arboretum; and many, many meals shared with our hosts and other club members.  Some of us even got a chance to buy a new Stetson hat!  As always the camaraderie and friendship was endless.  Check out the Dallas friendship force’s facebook page for pictures.

2017 Membership Dues including changes

Due to recent changes in membership dues at FFI, the FFCC Board has modified its club dues to reflect these same changes.  2017 dues will be $30 per person.  There will be no discount for couples or families, as each and every member will be counted separately in FFI’s new database and every member will be counted and recorded for each travel experience.  Membership dues will continue to be due at the annual meeting, and we will start collecting them at the November 12th meeting.  Please bring your checkbook, and remember that this year our annual meeting is being held at a different location, and on Saturday to keep the cost down for the facility.  Annual meeting is Saturday, November 12, 1pm at United Methodist Church, 1838 SW Jefferson St. Portland OR