Ambassadors return from Dallas Texas exchange October 22, 2016

Welcome back home to our team of travelers who spent a week in Havana, Cuba, then spent a week being hosted in Dallas Texas by their friendship force club.  Highlights included a cattle drive down a street in Fort Worth; eating barbeque at Riscky’s Restaurant; taking a seat in the president’s oval office chair at the George W. & Laura Bush Library; remembered where we were on the day of the JFK assassination while perusing the museum and walking the grassy knoll; walking the art district of downtown Dallas;  touring the Top o’ Hill Terrace where we learned about the bootlegging prohibition era exploits; wondered the huge Texas State Fair to find the perfect fried food; and enjoyed a hot afternoon stroll in the shade at the Dallas Arboretum; and many, many meals shared with our hosts and other club members.  Some of us even got a chance to buy a new Stetson hat!  As always the camaraderie and friendship was endless.  Check out the Dallas friendship force’s facebook page for pictures.